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hindutva forces with swordSeventy years have passed since the independence of India. Many parties have been in power during these seventy years. But the political visionaries and democratic forces call the days of Indira Gandhi a state of emergency. The Indira government had vetoed all rights conferred by the Constitution. Newspapers left their editorial with only few words: "What to write" and left the rest empty. The people later overthrew the Indira government which behaved like a dictator. A democratic country must uphold the democratic aspects. History has a lesson, ‘People never allow them to be diluted’.

Hitler was a people's servant chosen by the people. Upon his arrival at the headquarters, his dictatorial regime killed thousands of lives. He also came to the people with the slogan of development and patriotism. The ideology of racism came to fore and started haunting the German people. His Nazi army finally knelt before the Russian People's Force, and his kingdom fell. History repeats again and again to prove all dictatorships fall.

It is a great fear that all the activities that Hitler did during his time are now happening in India. The many facets of what people have thought to be their fundamental rights for many years are being increasingly manipulated by the state.

The state exercises its power over what people should speak, write, comment, and eat as it wants. The state is using its power directly or through their agencies to keep the citizens psychologically in stress. Hitlerism is deployed to keep the people in the grip of a great fear. In India, people are now mobilized under the philosophy of Hitlerism. There is a conspiracy to propagate patriotism and religious disharmony to hide economic oppression on the people. Fascism makes the subtle moves to hide its inability to meet people's unemployment and diminishing purchasing power.

In the last five years, many intellectuals of India have been killed by Hindutva forces. More than two hundred attacks and subsequent killings have taken place across the country, claiming that Muslims and Dalits were beef-eaters or having beef.

The slogan "Jai Sriram", pronounced by the worshipers of Rama, is now systematically transformed into a slogan of murder. Most of the Hindus do not want these murders committed in the name of Rama. They regard this as a deliberate act of depicting Rama as a "savage villain." But the Hindutva forces are not concerned about this. The state security and the generous help they receive through corporate houses have created a state of omitting the concern of the public. For them, the establishment of a "Hindu nationalism" is a serious repression of all the democratic forces that hinder it.

Fascist ideology is devising the program of bringing one nation, one card, one law, one education, one food under one umbrella. In a multicultural country like India, single culture is the ruthless suppression of people's way of life. People in every state have their own culture and lifestyle. The people living in the respective land have their own food style, which will be cultivated in their land, and so is the culture. But now it is being systematically destroyed and the slogan of ‘One India, One culture’ is an extension of Hitler's Nazi policies. Those who criticize this authoritarian act have been touted as anti-national and urban naxals, and the state is building the cross-consciousness of isolating them from society.

Treating Hindus only as citizens of India and constructing the other religions as secondary residents or ingesting Buddhism, Sikhism into Hinduism are long term goals of RSS and through their subsystems they hammer the ideology into the collective conscience of the society.

hindutva forcesEven though RSS is started in 1925, it wasn’t registered anywhere. There was no member registration. RSS ideology is executed by subsystems. The lack of a system of membership registration has helped them in many ways. If the RSS people are identified in bombing or rioting, RSS say that they don’t belong to the organization and declare that they have nothing to do with us. That is what happened during the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Subsequently RSS was banned by Indian government and Vallabhbhai Patel, the internal affairs then minister lifted the ban within 18 months for no reason!! (The reason for the installation of the Patel statue can also be found here). Later, during the Emergency in the 1970s, it was banned for two years and banned for two months during the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition.

The subsystems they have created will continue to create a tension in the community. The Sangh Parivar organizations, which operate under different names in each state, formulate policies in accordance with the character of the respective states and draw public attention upon them. There are series of plans to keep young people focused on their demand. At the same time, they are working on bad measures to execute their policies. In many cases, judgments have been made that subsidiaries were responsible for many of the blasts and riots in India; Many cases are still under investigation. Aseemanand's confession in several bomb blasts, including the Malegaon and Jumma mosque, shows that they will rise to the point that the civilian casualties are not big matter to build a Hindu nationality. In many parts of the country, when they planned bombing in their own places, the number of Sangh Parivar workers killed in the explosion is also high. The report of a number of accidents that have exposed their faces is that they plan to disguise themselves as Muslims (Maharashtra Parbhani, Jalra, Poorna, Kanpur ... the list is long).

Their first goal is to remove the forces that hinder their Hindu nationalism. To that end, many democratic activists have been murdered in the past five years. The police investigation found that the similar kind of weapon is used to kill the people like Dabholkar, Kalburgi, Govind Bansare and writer Gauri Lankesh. Narendra Dabholkar has been continuously fighting in Maharashtra to bring the law against superstitions. The police have arrested some of the members of the Sanatan Sansad organization behind this murder. In his affidavit, Sarath Kalaskar, the accused, confessed how he shot Narendra Dabholkar. “I was sent to shoot Narendra Dabholkar in the head. I pierced his head with two bullets, one on the head and one on the eye. An accomplice named Sachin Andreu also shot at him. Then, in August 2016, a meeting was held in Belgaum, Karnataka. In which, a list of activists against the Hindutva ideology was prepared. We killed Gauri Lankesh also because of it.”

The Hindutva leadership with its subsidiaries seeks to establish Hindutva theory through violence throughout the country. The innocent people of the majority community are also victimized by that violence. In August 2011, the Mumbai High Court sentenced two members of the Sanatan Sansad group to ten years rigorous imprisonment in the 2008 bomb blasts in Thane and Vashi. Violence is being unleashed in the name of Hindutva ideology in many places throughout the country.

On the other hand, in the name of ‘Garwapsi’, a forced conversion in many parts of the Northern Territories are being carried out. The non-converts (from other religions to Hinduism) are being beaten and a variety of crimes are perpetrated against them. In Assam, Christians are being forced by denying ration items, if they do not convert to Hindu religion. Their attempt to build a ‘Hindu nation’ that attacks mosques and churches across the country and turns everything into a religious confrontation is to disrupt the pluralism of the nation. Although everyone is Hindu, they are not talking about caste hierarchy in Hinduism anywhere. They know that if they speak out, their basis will be broken. The Scheduled Tribes, who are also called as Hindus, are still being untouchables. Their worship is being sanskritized and denial of their food is also taking place.

The most dangerous move is to transform the civil society into a criminal society for their Hindu empire, and using all their opportunities to create the mindset that it is not wrong for Hindus to beat the other religious peoples in public. This would create an atmosphere in which other religious people could not walk the streets. Now, in many parts of Tamil Nadu, in the name of ‘Saga’, small children are brought into this poisonous ideology.

Everybody in India is a Hindu, this is a Hindu nation, only Hindus can rule, and the Hindu can only live here, and the term ‘Hindu, Hindu’ is repeatedly proposed, and everyone is put in a ‘Hindu’ puddle. By doing so, the economic exploitation of the people can be done continuously. This state is a guardian of multi-national companies. The moment people become clear that they are put in the hallucinations of "Hinduism" to keep the corporates big, their tiara starts to fall to the ground.

Written by A.Kareem

Translated by Ramu.Palaniappan & Keetru Nandhan

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