Annadurai 450
July 13, 2020

Call My State 'Tamil Nadu'

Category: History Author: Anna
Tamil Nadu was once named after its capital city, Madras. The situation was a complicated one. Even Congressmen spoke of Tamil Nadu within the State, reserving ‘Madras State’ for letters and speeches meant for external consumption. To appease the… Read more...
kashmiri woman
July 13, 2020

The Lost Documents

Category: Arts & Literature Author: Subrabharathi Manian
I think I am sure you are the one who’d like to share the drinks with me. I feel happy to have come across you. Yet I feel the distribution of liquor hasn’t started. Or have we entered late in time? Anxious people will never be time-bound. The… Read more...
mob lynching
July 12, 2020

Ramanathapuram Riots 1981

Category: History Author: Thoruvaloor Kasi
[One of the worst caste clashes in Tamil Nadu occurred in 1981 in Ramanathapuram during the chief ministership of MGR. It was initiated by the Agamudayar social group (also called Seervai) who call themselves part of the Mukkulathaar caste… Read more...