Vaiko with durai vaiyapuri
November 29, 2021

Class Motive Hidden Behind Succession Politics

Category: Politics Author: S.Gorky
Democracy is repeatedly proven to be the cover of the bourgeoisie. The term democracy, though it represents the rule of the people, never represents the rule of all people. Democracy is a screen covering those differences in a society of caste,… Read more...
ambedkar and periyar
Nov 19, 2021

I will never die as a Hindu

Society Punitha Pandian
“One who worships anything; one who does not worship anything; one godman; multi godman; Smarta, who says himself a god; atheist who says that God… Read more...


History Revolt
ravana and rama
“Truth sits upon the lips of dying men,” is the famous adage. The orthodoxy of our Province, which is drawing one of its last oaths, is giving out many truths. One such given out by one of our…

The Buddha

Rebel B.R. Ambedkar
Buddha 450
Christ claimed to be the Prophet of Christianity. He further claimed that he was the Son of God. Christ also laid down the condition that there was no salvation for a person unless he accepted that…