Boycot the Boycotter

History P.C.P
Nehru and Gandhi
Let us not Self-Respecters, fall foul of Mahatma Gandhi, when he insists that only persons having Congress mentality should have predominant representation in the forthcoming Round Table Conference.…

Festivals and Superstition

Rebel Periyar E.V.R.
periyar 34
The purpose of a feast is for a large number of people to meet, exchange views, and enjoys themselves. As people of differing views meet, there are room and scope for people to air them. Meaningless…

Cinema in the Cinema Halls

Life Science M. Joseph
cinema theatre
A few months back, I went to a Cinema hall in Thanjavur, to watch a cinema, a recent release, after reading the good online reviews. I got the tickets too. It was almost time for screening, and an…