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The Unity Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India –Marxist-Leninist (UCCRI -ML) supports the call for a Bharat Bandh on September 27, 2021, given by the various farmers’ organizations to oppose the Modi Government’s farm laws.

It is clear to one and all that the Modi Government’s policies are meant to favour big business houses and big landlords to amass huge profits at the cost of the various strata of peasantry making their lives more miserable.

At the same time, people should note that the present laws on agriculture markets, Minimum Support Price (MSP) and essential commodities have neither helped the peasantry to secure a just price for their produce nor provided essential commodities to the people at fair prices. In their place, people should demand a system which guarantees remunerative prices for the peasantry and ensures essential commodities at fair prices to the people.

While opposing these laws, the rural poor should remember that their basic problems can only be resolved through an agrarian revolution which abolishes landlordism and distributes land to the tiller.

The Modi government has been following reactionary internal and external policies which are opposed to the basic interests of the people of our country.

It has been serving the big business and landlords while fleecing every strata of the people from the working class to the middle classes and the peasantry. It is suppressing their struggles with brute force. A rule of armed police, paramilitary and the military has become the order of the day in various parts of the country. Repressive laws have been strengthened to carry on the state of undeclared emergency in the country, all the while claiming to be a democracy. Suppression of the various nationalities in the country further curtailing the already clipped rights of the States goes on as ever.

The Modi government has been following a foreign policy of serving the US-super power and its imperialist allies while claiming to develop good relations with all major powers of the world. Recent developments in the international scene have further exposed this nefarious essence of the Modi government’s foreign policy. It has landed it in the camp of the forces of hegemonic intervention, plunder and war. The Modi regime conducts its relations with our neighbours based on a policy of regional hegemonism and expansionism laced with aggressive national chauvinism. It has poisoned our country’s relations with all our neighbours. It has led to a disastrous border conflict with socialist China causing all-round disruption to India-China relations. These reactionary policies have caused and are causing incalculable damage to the genuine national interests of our people and the country.

There are some parliamentary opposition parties which are supporting the Bandh, but whose opposition to the Modi regime is superficial, deceptive and often downright reactionary. People should realize their real character and refuse to be carried away by their noisy slogans.

The only way out for the Indian people is to come out of the clutches of this reactionary regime and its policies. For this purpose, they should unite and struggle to abolish landlordism and distribute land to the tiller. They should conduct a struggle for democratic rights to all national and democratic forces. They should struggle for a foreign policy of independence which is opposed to the pro-imperialist policy of subservience to the US superpower. In one word, the only way out for the people is through a struggle for land, democracy and independence.

 People should support the call for an All-India Bandh on September 27, 2021 against the Modi government as a part of this struggle.

We call upon all sections of the people to support the call for the All-India Bandh on September 27, 2021.

- Sd. Vinod, Secretary, UCCRI(ML)

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