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The souls of the old Sanghis who died with centuries of unfulfilled desire to have Ramaraiya implemented in India are still roaming around. Their descendants, today's Sanghis, are still with the same desire. If the old Sanghis dreamed of a Ramarajya without Islamists and Dalits, today's Sanghis dream of a Ramarajya without communists, progressives and minorities. Just like a dream of a beggar becoming a King is unfulfilled, the dream of Sanghis is never fulfilled.

Boycott ChinaAlthough China is an imperialist state capitalist country, it can never be accepted by the Sanghis. Sanghis that have always been frozen in the old thoughts have never seen today's conditions. They have not yet thought beyond caste-based education, Manudharma, caste system, Sati, Devadasi system & Sanskrit. They firmly believe that Maoist-era communism still exists in China and they are financing the communist parties in India, overthrowing the Hindu religion and financing the revolution in India. That is why they are constantly making baseless allegations of hatred against China.

Those gangs that are currently actively campaigning for Chinese products to be boycotted are not campaigning for India's manufacturing sector to grow or for people to use quality products. Their primary goal is "China is a communist country, Communism is against Brahmanism, so we have to oppose it". The anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistani sentiments of the Sanghis also emerge from this basis.

Moreover, whenever the Indian ruling class encounters great opposition from the masses, it has a habit of resorting to such tactics to divert public attention and to plunge all its failures into national hysteria. The Government of India has consistently used Indian soldiers as dice to cover up its defeat.

The Indian government said that 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 76 wounded in a fierce clash between the two armies on June 15, 2020 in the Galwan Valley on the Indo-Chinese border.

In this situation, an extremist section of the gang (The Go Corona gang) has shown their patriotism by burning all the 'expensive' items such as TV remote and cell phone charger, saying that they are ignoring Chinese goods. But they did not even open their mouths about the statue of the Iron Man of the Nation. If it had been placed in Congress rule, if it had been a statue of Nehru or a statue of Ambedkar, by this time, the Sanghis would have destroyed it with heavy metal tools.

Not only the TV remote, the cell phone charger, the DVD players, the toys, etc., which are visible to the eye of the beholders but every product that every Indian uses from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night has something to offer from China. About 10-30% of auto parts made in India are imported from China. Studies show that even if it falls by one percent, the Indian auto industry as a whole will fall sharply.

About 67% of the pharmaceutical products currently in use are imported from China. In 2016-17, India imported $1,827 billion worth of pharmaceuticals, of which 67% came from China alone. In 2017-18, 69% of the $2,055 billion worth of pharmaceuticals were imported from China, and in 2018-19, 68% of the $2,401 billion worth of pharmaceutical imports came from China. The Government of India has stated that 70 percent of the raw materials of the drug known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) are imported from China.

According to CARE Ratings, 53.9% of the $45,550 billion worth of electronics imports in 2016-17 came from China alone.

Of the $55,574 billion worth of electronics in 2017-18, 56.6% was imported from China and 68% of the $60,219 billion worth of electronics imported from China in 2018-19.

About 75 percent to 85 percent of spare parts used in TVs, spare parts used in smartphones and spare parts for ACs are imported from China.

Chinese company Alibaba has invested about $500 million in companies such as Big Basket, PayTM, Snapdeal and Zomoto in India. Similarly, China's Tencent has stakes in Indian companies such as BYJU, Flipkart, Ola and Swiggy. India has been a huge market for mobile phone companies like Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi.

In 2000, trade between the two countries was only $3 billion. It rose to $51.8 billion in 2008 and $95.54 billion in 2018. In 2019, it was down slightly to $92.7 billion. Exports from India to China in 2018 were worth just $18.84 billion (thanks: Goodreturns & BBC).

So, the Sanghis' campaign to boycott Chinese goods is in no way in the national interest. Perhaps if China imposes sanctions on India today, it will send the Indian economy, which is already struggling to make ends meet, to the brink of extinction.

Today the manufacturing sector in India is experiencing the biggest decline. Millions of people have lost their jobs. The economic knowledge of the Sanghis who say that Chinese products should not be used in this situation is an attack by idiots on India. This propaganda of the Sanghis can only be used to appease the hardliners, who have no economic knowledge yet.

The rule is in their hands. If they want to ban Chinese products, they can do it very easily. Whether the ignorant mob in power knows about the consequences of doing so, but it is well known to the Indian bigwigs who lead them. So, the Indian ruling class will never do that. Such empty patriotic shouts can only be used to provoke the emotions of the people and to divert the anger of the people against the state in a situation where controlling the Corona outbreak, which is killing thousands of people every day, has failed miserably.

The real situation in India is that it is now getting help from China. The China-headquartered Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has extended a loan of about $750 million to improve the lives of people affected by the Corona in India. The bank has already lent $500 million to India to deal with Corona vulnerabilities. AIIB Bank has so far lent about $3.06 billion to India. These loans were received by the Modi-led 'Chinese Goods Boycott Group' without any objection.

How disgustingly their history from Savarkar to today's Sanghis writes itself. You can never compare Sanghis with any despicable men or any despicable traitors in this world. The reason is Sanghis are matched by Sanghis alone.

Written by S.Gorky

Translated by Devi Kumar

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