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The reactionary group which made Sanatana their livelihood is trying to stabilize them in the political field by going to any limit. There is no human value for them. For many years, they have been raised by telling that ‘the lives of Dalits are worse than warms and insects; they are not fit to live in this world’. As far as they are concerned, Dalits are enemies to them. Not only Dalits who have known before, but also Dalits who have never met in their entire life are their enemies. They practice the Dalit opposition as their way of life. It is being developed as a social ideology by some petty politicians.

arakkonam victimBy sharpening caste contradictions and ensuring that the tip of caste contradiction does not fade, they can survive by buttering up in the politics and thereby protect the prosperity of their families.

No matter how civilized society is by scientific development, caste ideas still make them live in a period of indecency. At a time when many countries in the world are abolishing even the death penalty and proclaiming themselves as a civilized society, we are dying of stabbing and cutting; we have still been talking about the dynastic glory of caste-fanaticism.

At this moment, Tamil society is being degraded by caste fanaticism. It is being moved back into a period of indecency because of caste fanatics who is under the name of politics. The most important of them was Dr.Ramadoss and Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss. Though both of them have studied a lot, their entire motive and action are to stir up caste-fanaticism and particularly to create a Dalit Vs Shudra conflict to push Dalits in an unsafe situation for gaining political advantage thereby.

The mobilization against Dalits under the name of ‘Community Leaders Alliance’ and the toxic they have sown has tremendously grown into a huge threat today and is killing Dalits.

Arjunan, 23 years old, and Surya, 24 years old, were brutally attacked to death in a violent attack in the name of the caste in Soghanur village near Arakkonam on 7-April-2021. Two others, Madan and Sounder, are being treated for a situation like dangerous to their lives in the hospital. Surya is married and has a wife and child. Arjunan has been married just before ten days.

Ramdoss, Anbumani Ramadoss and their acolytes have been saying that the murder was not due to caste or electoral politics. But how can this not be a caste attack while seeing, all those involved in the murder are belonging to the Vanniyar caste, and all those who have been murdered and seriously injured are Dalits? These brutal murders were accomplished by Caste-Fanatics (of Vanniyar Caste) from Perumal Rajapet. Such incidents are becoming a recurring story in Tamil Nadu.

Though the mysterious suicide of Ilavarasan by jumping on a train, the Strangulation of Gokulraj and the murder of Sankar were separate incidents, all of them were due to the politics of ‘Dalits Vs Shudra’ conflict initiated by Ramadoss. Whether it is an attack on Dalits or caste atrocities, behind everything is nothing but the dominant caste fanaticism.

What the dominant caste fanaticism is that? Even if there is no way for livelihood and food or else they have been in a situation of living as a slave, they have to twist their moustache and express themselves as dominant caste fanatics. Even if it is only possible to live on getting a reservation, they have to call themselves the Satriya clan. This is the politics of the dominant caste fanatics.

It is vile politics to demand reservation, on the one hand, and to unleash violent attacks on Dalits by saying themselves as royal blood, on the other. Ramadoss and Anbumani Ramadoss have been promoting this kind of politics.

ramadoss with caste hindu leadersMen who accustomed to the pleasure of office and the pleasure of money are never ashamed to show themselves as nude. The motive of those who murdered two Dalits today is to establish their caste dignity (caste arrogance) rather than to murder them.

The common people from the caste ‘Shudra’, who work hard for their livelihood without food, have been repeatedly taught by the caste fanatics, “Do not forget that you are the royal blood, even if you are suffering without food”, and those who are followed by it, are hostile to the common Dalit people who are working and living just like them and also are in conflict for them. It ends in a similar massacre at someplace. Behind all the caste attacks carried out by the caste fanatics in Tamil Nadu is the Dalit Vs Shudra caste politics built by the two Ramadoss’s. Who is going to jail now? Are caste-obsessed wolves who combed the horns of Shudra caste people with the dynastic pride stories? Not sure. Foolish youth who have listened to the stories of such criminals are going to spend their lives in jail. 

The caste-obsessed wolves and some survivalist mobs who survive of buttering up caste fanatics would get some MLA posts and some money boxes by saying that all their caste people are bound by their word, that they will do whom they are asking to kill, whom they are asking to beat, whom they are asking to break their hands and legs, and whom they are asking them to burn down their huts.

However, what is going to be available for the common working Shudra caste people? They would get nothing but jail. 

The criminals who spoke of the dynastic pride stories and turned the common Shudra caste people into murderers and thugs are living a life of luxury today. However, the people who have dedicated their lives to these criminals live without proper food to eat, without decent clothes to dress, and no place to dwell.

A tremendous goal before us today is to do fieldwork to remove the caste fanaticism that is filled up in the minds of the common working people. The political parties which are in favour of corporate are never going to do this. They have no thought beyond killing someone and destroy someone’s family to seize power and loot it. Therefore no matter how many more murders there are, their answer is only silence. Only a serious condemnation of such killings in the name of caste and a vigorous campaign against this will help to prevent such incidents from happening further.

When the appropriate ideas reach the working class, they will certainly accept them. When we bring the common Shudra caste people to know that ‘the silly morons who spread the caste fanaticism in the society and thereby get profits politically as well as the brokers who do anything for money are frauds and useless’, then only we can prevent the common working class from being caught in conspiracy trap of these wretched scoundrels. It can be explained that all those who make their livelihood by inciting caste fanaticism are not human beings but the buttering up dogs who survive by beguiling.

Written by S. Gorky

Translated by M. Kurinjithen

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