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No human with a heart will ever sleep after hearing the news of this Gang-rape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. A young girl was brutally gang-raped, her tongue was cut to stop her from exposing the real faces of the animals.

The reports are choking brutal for anyone to read. She was reported with a broken neck and a broken spinal cord. Before the subcontinent's tears disappear, we were suffocated with another two tragic rape cases in the very same state of Uttar Pradesh. It makes us wonder whether the state of Uttar Pradesh is habitable for Humans.

hathras caseWhat's more pathetic is the way the State Govt of UP handles this particular case.

  • The corpse of the innocent girl was burnt right after the autopsy by the state police.
  • Access to the body was denied to the family, and cremation was over without a proper ritual for their beloved child.
  • Those humans who fight was justice are arrested, no media or leaders were allowed to meet the family, and they were all forcefully denied permission explicitly to meet the victim's family.
  • Over and above, it is reported the District collector was allegedly threatening the victim's father to re-phrase their statement against the culprits.

After seeing these incidents subsequently, any rational man would guess the entire Govt of UP and its executors are in favour of the accused than the victim's side.

It is quite common to assume people with power and influence involved in sexual crimes and the concerned govt covers them from being guilty. But all those were usually personal vendetta of some ruthless creatures that are exceptions from the whole system.

But this time, its not one other story to cross by. All these three victims are from Scheduled castes. Not just these three, we can see, but quite many sexual assaults and incidents in our country are targeted against the oppressed scheduled caste women nowadays. For cases like these, the primary actions of police like arresting the culprits seem strict. However, the paths of the cases are turned in favour of the culprits who are usually Upper dominant castes. Those cases are forgotten as other water under the bridge.

Hence we can summarise those incidents are not just one-to-one conflicts or vendetta but are organised assaults of Genocidal nature that are against the oppressed class of the country.

It is not exaggerated to use the term Genocide here. The United Nations Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such" including the killing of its members, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to "bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part", preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group.

In the lights of the above definition, a particular group called Scheduled Castes are deliberately targeted and repeatedly are being victims of these brutal crimes. We should examine the very motive of these incidents from the grass-root level.

Did those animals commit sexual assaults because they were attracted by the women of oppressed girls? Did they commit such brutality because they had any history of hatred? The answer for both is a big "NO". The reason is, it is a sin and women from such lower castes are untouchables according to their upper-caste ideology. Then how do they have such infuriating lust against those women? How do they have personal vengeance against such innocent female children and unknown women? Hence, it is clearly seen as a motive of caste patriarchy that is fed into their minds right from their birth. And the current govt under BJP infuses it further.

The Indian Upper caste people believe in Four-varna code according to Bhagavat Gita, and the fifth varna, i.e., the scheduled caste are segregated from being humans. That's the reason why they oppress and trouble men and women from the so-called segregated scheduled castes.

Humans don't really hesitate to slaughtering and abusing animals. But a rationale human will have basic humanity in mind and restrict themselves from doing the same when it comes to fellow humans. When witnessing these casteists elite doing such extreme troubles to the oppressed class, we can say these castiests don't consider the oppressed as fellow humans at the first place.

And in a country where such a Dominant mindset people are the majority, they tend to treat the minority at any trouble levels as they decide. The people in power discreetly promise that the pillars like Govt or law will not stop their abusive agenda. That's the reason why these animals act in power with a poisonous mindset and ecstasy of casteism.

And Henceforth, let the media stop reporting these incidents as Sexual assault, rape etc. Because these are words used to describe only personal sexual assaults due to lust or personal vengeance. But the current incidents are in line with genocide as defined above. It's happening against the minority and oppressed people of the country just like it happened in Sri Lanka. So going forward, the media and Press should report all these incidents as sheer Genocidal attempts.

Let the social activists, human rights activists should stop begging the bureaucracy and govt to take actions. Instead, they should escalate the incidents to International bodies as mere genocidal attempts.

If we fail to do this, for the wellness and happiness of a few people with Brahminical patriarchy, the govt may indulge and inculcate the Savarna (A)dharma in the country that may extend to affect the women from our families too.

By: S.Sridevi

Tamil Source: E.Bhu.Gnaanapragaasan

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