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September 24, 2020

Come on, Canada!

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Not for nothing do the Tamil people look forward to Canada under its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take the lead on the international plane to seek justice for the Tamil people. The Tamil people’s faith in Canada is exemplified by the arduous… Read more...

Call to Youths!

Rebel Periyar E.V.R.
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It is more than five or six months since I addressed a meeting. This is the first meeting after my illness. During this period, many events have taken place. You may like to know my views on them. I…
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Nepal Revolution, the 21st century rising star of the world working class, is facing set back because of the treachery of the perfidious party head. Constituent assembly has been dissolved. Red army was encircled by the Nepal army and dissolved hypocritically under the direction of Baburam and Prachanda clique.

Though, the group headed by comrade Kiran had been disappointed on perfidious clique’s activities, they had been sink into the so called party discipline and remained silent without fighting against it.They have started to fight against them now, when everything gone out of their hands which they expressed themselves as this action is a delayed one.

Prasanda and BaburamThey pointed out Prachanda’s interview statement that “since gap between the new democratic revolution and the socialist revolution is narrowed, without any doubt, there is no need of new democratic revolution for Nepal now. The major part is already accomplished and rest can be accomplished when the socialism become a primary agenda. He added that the major task for the party is to develop conducive environment and productive forces for the investing countries’’.

Although, it is very clear from the above statement that the clique has surrendered the revolution to the ruling class without any doubt, we should keep one thing in mind that they are the majority in the party.

Comrade Basantha, a Politburo Member of the Central Committee of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), has explained about the perfidious group which has surrendered the Nepal revolution and the way comrade Kiran headed group have been fooled by the perfidious group in detail in an interview with MLCP Turkey. 

He said “we adopted a new tactic of the democratic republic from that very meeting. We said it was a tactical shift. It was definitely a turning point from which we took a path of the Constituent Assembly and it has made us arrive at this point. Definitely, the Chunwang line has to do with the present situation to develop’’.

Further he added “Adoption of democratic republic as a tactic from Chunwang meeting in 2005 and the 12-point agreement that followed with Nepalese parliamentarian parties in Delhi have had an important role to play in this whole process. In the meeting it was unanimously agreed that this very tactic would help create a strong revolutionary base in the cities, a necessary precondition for people's insurrection to seize central power. We came to the cities to consolidate our strength. But, whatever we had gained during tumultuous ten years of people's war has gone out of our hand now.

Recently chairman Prachanda has revealed what he had agreed with Indian expansionist ruling classes in Delhi before reaching 12-point agreement. In an interview to an Indian newspaper, The Hindu, on 16th of April, 2012, he says, "The journey that began in Delhi with the 12-point agreement has now arrived at a conclusion." He gave this interview to The Hindu right after he ordered the Nepal army to stage a coup against the PLA in the cantonments. It reveals the fact that Prachanda-Baburam clique had surrendered before their expansionist masters to get the 12-point agreement signed with parliamentarian parties.

Prachanda-Baburam clique said that it was a tactic to accomplish revolution. But it has been proved now that it was a tri-partite grand strategy that the Indian ruling classes, Nepali parliamentarian parties and the Prachanda-Baburam clique had designed to bring the Nepalese revolution to an end. It shows Prachanda and Baburam not only lied before the Nepalese toiling masses and the world proletariat but also conspired against them.’’

From the above comrade Basandha’s statements, he is expressing that, their tactics i.e. democratic republic is the reason for their current setback and it is the combined conspiracy of Indian, Nepal ruing classes and Baburam and Prachanda’s clique which they hadn’t understood.

Even being a central committee member, comrades Kiran, Basandha, Kajerel and Badhal who are fighting against them now, couldn’t understand the conspiracy of the traitorous clique and fallen into that, it is no wonder that the party cadres and Nepal working class also couldn’t understand the party head’s treachery.

Even in the situation when all the benefits of the past ten years struggle have been lost completely; the revolutionary fighting group haven’t have determined view and understood the treachery of the party head clearly.

In that interview, Comrade Basandha expressed about the party head’s treachery and Indian and Nepal ruling classes’ activities to defeat the revolution, particularly, his group’s view on the activities of the external forces. Reaction from the external forces against these setbacks is a normal thing but the struggle and reaction of internal forces against these activities is the determinable deciding factor to achieve the victory. It can be understood from the statements of comrade Basantha given in the above interview showing that the group headed by comrade Kiran have not reviewed the setback on this basis.

For any country, it is no wonder that the ruling class and their hidden representatives hiding inside the party always try to defeat the revolution by involving in different kinds of conspiracies, is a normal phenomenon, not a peculiar one. We have seen the setback in revolution even in the much forwarded societies Soviet and China than Nepalin history because of the conspiracies of the capitalists’ hided inside the party.

Capitalists had defeated the revolution in both of those countries only after few decades. That too were not happened in a simple easiest way and it couldn’t have happened because of the societies in those countries is a forwarded one in knowledge and thinking compared to India and Nepal societies. This is the reason; the capitalist hided inside the party could capture the party and government only after the death of comrades Lenin, Stalin and Mao. They could implement their capitalistic activities only after ensuring their status in the party and government by perfidious killing and imprisonment of thousands of true proletariat thinkers in the party. That too, they accomplished through complete military suppression only.

But in Nepal, even before completion of the revolution, capitalistic forces had carried out their activities and achieved their goal in an open and simple way without giving any significant pressure or destruction to the proletariat thinkers in the party. This event is not only applicable to Nepal but also completely applicable to India as well. By analyzing and comprehending the activities of past and present revolutionary forces in both of these countries, the content is almost the same. The only difference between Indian and Nepal revolutionary forces is, Indian revolutionaries can’t advance in revolution as like Nepal revolutionaries and failing every time. It seems that the Nepal revolutionary forces have reached to the tip of the victory and faced this setback, but in content, there is no peculiar significant difference in the setbacks of the both revolutionary forces. Because, rise and advancement of the Nepal revolutionary forces had dominated only in abolishing monarchy.  Lessons of Nepal revolution clearly show us that it had a content and energy to abolish monarchy only.

The essence of the recent statements of comrade Basandha is as follows. Nepal capitalists who don’t have an ability and energy to struggle against monarchy system have utilized the working class organization to achieve their goal. That is why, the ruling classes of India and Nepal have also supported the struggle of Nepal revolutionary forces against monarchy indirectly. They have achieved that through their representatives (Baburam and Prachanda group) hided inside the Maoist party.

In china, comrade Mao had proposed and implemented the Cultural Revolution to defeat the capitalists hiding inside the proletariat’s party. He had recommended to conduct many Cultural Revolution for the Chinese society to defeat the capitalists using people power.  Even then, capitalists had captured the party and government after the death of comrade Mao.

Comrade Mao had come to the conclusion to defeat the capitalists using massive people force from the lesson learnt from Soviet revolution and he conducted the Cultural Revolution based on this learnt lesson. The main content of the Cultural Revolution is not only the revolutionary forces utilize mass people power to defeat capitalists; it is also a ground for the internal forces of the revolution i.e people to develop their ability to identify the capitalists on their own.

Before preparing the people on this way, the death of comrade Mao and capturing of party and government by the capitalists had happened. This experience of China shows us that not only the proletariats who were outside the party couldn’t identify the capitalists hiding inside the party but also the party members couldn’t do so, even if they could, they were not capable enough to use the people force to defeat them.

It shows that the Cultural Revolution in China has emerged out of people’s trust on comrade Mao. Not only in China, when we consider the activities and lessons of the world proletariat organizations, having strong party leaders seemed to be a fortune of the particular society. Got leaders like Comrades Lenin and Stalin for the Soviet Union and Mao for China may be the good fortune of those societies! Unfortunately, India and Nepal haven’t had such good fortune till today!

Lessons learnt from the world revolutionary organizations imply that we shouldn’t depend on the party leadership for finding mistakes and fighting against the capitalists. We must have strong foundation based on political and ideological development of prime internal forces i.e members of the party and working people. Is it possible? How can we succeed it? Though this work is the most challenging one than other challenges which world proletariats have faced till today, we don’t have an option other than achieving this task.

But, the current practice which is giving ideological training classes to raise the ideological understanding of the party members and people followed by the world communist organizations, is not helping even for the party members itself, then it is impossible to give that to the people by same way.

Even it is much more challenging one for the Indian and Nepal revolutionary organizations than any other countries. Even in many other world proletariat organizations too, it has been built almost based on the trust and loyalty on party head instead of strengthening party cadres based on their understanding of politics and ideology.

These values i.e. trust and loyalty which are the continuations of the feudalistic society and are dominating inside the proletariat organizations also. These values are dominating in the Indian and Nepal proletariat organizations on its own peculiar nature.

For more than 2000 years, both Indian and Nepal societies have been functioning based on the Brahminic culture and its living pattern. Brahmanism is the best tool not only for the Indian and Nepal ruling classes also for all the backward forces in this world. So, it is must for any revolutionary organization working in these two countries should have clear assessment about this peculiar property. Any revolutionary group which doesn’t have an assessment about this Brahmanism can’t travel even a single inch to their goal.

The beneficiary of the ideological practice classes given by both of these country revolutionary organizations to the party members is the Brahminical forces. They are forwarding to the direction of digesting Marxism as like their ancestors digested all other ideologies against them for more than 2000 years successfully. The setbacks and failures of the India and Nepal revolutionary organizations are proving this statement. On this background, the great principles, proletariat dictatorship and democratic centralization of the working class have been channelized using Brahmanic approaches for the benefit of the ruling classes. It is the essential need for them to extend the inadequacy in political and ideological understanding of the working class to prevent them to understand the utilization of proletariat organizations and its great concepts by the Brahmanical forces. So, we have to develop a method for the working class from their living condition which can provide political and ideological practice to identify and understand their deceitfulness.

We have to develop a pathway which can give political and ideological understanding to the people by putting them to struggle for the social change needed for the particular society derived from their life style and explained in their language.

In Particular, we know that the essence of the new democratic revolution is the farmer’s revolution for the farmers. Comrade Mao kept this essence in content by keeping the slogan “land for the formers, power for the workers’’. This same thing is the principle for the Indian Naxalite revolutionaries.

At present, agriculture is not only the non-profitable job but also it has been converted as the profession equals to attempting suicide by the ruling class in India. For the same reason, farmers quitting agriculture is on its highest rate. But, there is no alternate has been created for these farmers. There is no other sector available to provide life for these farmers who are the countries two third of the population. Especially, this comprador bourgeoisie serving to the imperialists never can have that eligibility to do so.

So, agriculture is the only eligible profession can give life to the majority of the people of this country. Buying capacity of the people can only be increased by giving job through this profession. Without increasing the buying capacity of the people, it is impossible to change the country as an industrialized one.

Interest of the ruling class to colonize the country to the imperialists has more or less destroyed the agriculture. By this, they have brought the majority of the country people to the edge of the destruction. These farmers standing in the edge of the destruction is the primary forces for the revolution. The essential duty of the revolutionary forces is to make these farmers to begin fight based on their life saving demands and convert this into the political and ideological practice ground.

For the past 2000 years, Indian and Nepal societies which living on Brahmanic living pattern is the utterly backward thinking society.Since their day to day living style itself is Brahmanic in nature, slavery and attachment and loyalty towards brahminic culture are become part of their life. Due to this peculiarity in these societies, China’s Cultural Revolution method alone to counter the anti-revolutionists is not sufficient enough for these two societies, Particularly, when Cultural Revolution has a content to counter the anti revolutionists present in the society after the revolution. Considering these Indian and Nepal societies’ nature, we intend to develop a method to counter anti revolutionists hiding inside the party when organizing people for the revolution and we have been working on that for more than eight years.

We have conducted an elaborate analysis with the majority of the people i.e. farmers for this purpose and summarized their demands as fallows

State and central governments!

  1. Announce agriculture as a national and essential profession and implement it in practice!
  2. Divide and give the lands of landlords, mud’s, Aatheenams, temples, today’s neo landlords i.e. capitalists, actors and rich people’s lands and government unused lands to the peasants!
  3. Provide the right to the farmers to fix the rate for their agricultural products!
  4. Give all the expenditure as a loan to the farmers for every cultivation season!
  5. Create a method to procure all the agricultural products by the government throughout the country!

The above demands are reached by the farmers from the experience of their living condition. Though, these demands are in the form of economical demands but it can’t be solved in this exiting society. So these are completely a political demands. These are the one having a content of saving the farmers who are kept in the edge of the destruction by the ruling class. It concerns the wellbeing of the working class and includes the interests of national corporates as well. Due to this reason, the battle will start between majority of the country people and their enemies immediately when these demands are kept in front.

From the crystal clear fairness in their doubtless demands, people will understood each and every move of their enemies against their demands. Revolutionary party leadership’s principle duty is to develop a ground for the majority of the people to get political and ideological practice through this long endless struggle. The amount, degree and fine tuning of this work in its higher level is the one going to decide the people’s revolutionary energy.

We placed the above mentioned stance in front of the Communist Party of India-Marxist Leninist (State Organizing Committee) (CPI-ML (SOC)) leadership where we worked before. They tried to divert this initiation with their perfidy action i.e. giving leadership for the agricultural organization for us. Because this strategy is against their interest. When it was not worked, they tried to ignore, avoid and kept us as unimportant to make us bent to them.

We understood all these things and stood firmly in our line. We are working on to reach out this thoughts to the farmers now.

In total, looking into the above review, we can comprehend that a method need to be developed for the countries having social foundation to conduct new democratic revolution, particularly India and Nepal societies having Brahmanism as their living pattern, have a need to develop a method according to their societies’ backwardness and peculiarity. This method should organize the working class who is the country’s majority and internal forces of the revolution and nurture them with political and ideological practice. Through this, we have to develop a pathway to identify and defeat the anti-revolutionaries who penetrate into the proletariat organizations and vitiate the organizations internally.

Note: while we are writing this article, the group headed by comrade Kiran have defeated the treachery of the perfidious Pirachandha and Baburam clique in Nepal and formally announced after their party meet that they are going to form a new party and continue the armed struggle for the new democratic revolution.We convey our revolutionary wishes to the newly started Nepal Communist Maoist Party formed against the perfidious clique to forward in the revolution path.

Along with that, they have announced that they are going to do comprehensive analysis to determine fundamental stance by reconsidering all the activities and results of the formerly worked united party. We strongly believe that our above written article also can help them to forward revolution on the basis of MLM principle, defend the revolution and reach to the correct conclusion.

- Farmers Liberation council – Tamilnadu, Contact No: 9842529188, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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