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Part 9: Masterplan Created by Russia to Eliminate God and Religion in Five Years

MCPI(U) Marxist party has given a controversial statement that Marxists in Tamil Nadu did not perceive Periyarism properly. Following this, the party has announced its policies, and it cites that “the party has felt the complete need of Periyar and Ambedkar significantly in the present where caste and religious divisions are strengthening.” This symposium was organized based on this. The discourse of Kolathur Mani is as follows:

periyar 348In North India, people are appealing to get reservations for Dalit Muslims within Islam. Even though there are no such doctrines in Islam, people who follow it are different. Periyar criticized Christianity for the same reason, and this was the prime reason behind the government’s aversion towards Periyar.

In Madha Shrine, Pondicherry, the wall which separates the depressed class from others were being demolished. Why? Because it accommodates Dalits on one side and the rest of the castes on another side. And this created a huge problem which led to filing a case. A person called Noyal sacrificed his life struggling for this cause. He was the leader of the self-respect association in Pondicherry. He went to France for this case, but at last, he died as a popper spending all his money for this case.

In all Madha Shrines, they took a resolution that they should not buy Periyar’s magazine ‘Kudiarasu’. This was the reason behind the ban of Periyar’s magazine ‘Puratchi’. Later Periyar talked about this. He wrote that “When I spoke about Islam, my ‘Kudiarasu’ magazine was banned and when I spoke about Christianity, my ‘Puratchi’ magazine was banned. I am being tortured by Hindu people daily”.

In India, those who do not wish to change this civil society and who did not even try to change this inculcate this in education. Already they have started to write that Gandhi has ‘died’.

Before five years in Gujarat, it was written that Gandhi has died on 30.01.1948 in history textbooks. That day, while speaking in one of the programs, I even told that soon they would tell that Gandhi committed suicide. That too happened last year. They have written that Gandhi could have committed suicide. Won’t they even know that he was shot dead? They have such audacity, and they believe that they can talk about anything they wish. But they are constantly changing facts in textbooks.

Professor Marx, in one of his books, told tales against Islam. In textbooks, they wrote about the arrival of Aryans and the Mughal invasion. Both should be written as arrival or as an invasion. This seems as if we have invited them with red carpet and singing peons. Even Aryans invaded India. We did not welcome them. Within this one word, they were trying to incorporate vengeance against Muslims tactically in the minds of people.

But we aren’t bothered to bring such lessons which favor equality in society and socialism in textbooks. The government and the ruling party were also not concerned about this. Even those who established institutions and political parties for this sole reason was not much engrossed in this. This is the essence of our argument. Changes in thoughts aren’t always accepted easily.

I have read past events about Periyar to so many people. Periyar said that ‘the union of 90 criminals and 10 fools’ forms the congress party. And I was one among that 10’. Periyar used to quote he was a fool when he was in congress.

We should have a gut to admit what we did is wrong. Periyar used to say in the beginning and the end of all his speeches that he was an independent thinker, and he has independent thinking and independent experience and thoughts. That is why he put forward his thoughts to people.

Periyar said, “like me, all of you have independent thinking and experience. So, analyze everything with that. Accept only if your conscience feels right and ignore if you feel wrong.” This is what Periyar told to all crowds.

And also, Periyar was such a leader who delivers his thoughts and was ready to accept if he is wrong and willing to correct his mistakes. He said, “tell me if I am wrong, and I am ready to change myself, but mistakes must be interpreted. You should not leave the mistakes as such. I’ll be ready to change always, but I will be speaking what I feel right perpetually”.

In one of his books, Stalin would say that ‘those who did not criticize the institution explicitly were a betrayer. Even Periyar said almost the same. ‘If you did not interpret the mistakes, you are very well can be called as a betrayer of that institution or party’, told Periyar. And he also said that he was ready to accept and change himself if he is wrong.

Comrades have come from the party which wasn’t ready to come forward to undergo any change. Comrades have come this far, changing themselves for a better change in society and planning accordingly as per India’s situation and custom.

Especially the change of MCPI will lead and create a better scenario. And we wish and believe more communists will enjoin their hands and embrace this change.


Kolathur Mani, the leader of Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam

Translated by Maruvarthini P.

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