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On the 2nd instant was celebrated the 60th birthday of Mr.Gandhi. As far as the Tamilnad is concerned, the Brahmins took to it more than others. And the accounts of the celebrations were advertised in the papers with some additions and multiplications. Did the Brahmins celebrate this in token of their love, esteem and veneration for Gandhiji or did they celebrate it to show thereby their appreciation of his support to Brahminism and their superiority over others? The question needs a patient and wise thinking.gandhi and rajajiCan anyone say boldly that the South Indian Brahmins had at anytime love or veneration for Mr. Gandhi?

Mr.V.S.Srinivasa Sastri, the Brahmin who advised the Government to imprison Mr. Gandhi and who told that disloyalty would spread if he is not put in jails, and thereby got from the Government the title of “Right Honourable”; Mr.Satyamurti, the Brahmin who told that Gandhiji is unfit for politics; Mr.Srinivasa Iyengar, the Brahmin who not only said that Mr.Gandhi was a fool but advised the Government that his movement was unlawful these Brahmins and some of their disciples were prominent in celebrating Gandhi Jayanti at Madras. In the moffussils, the Brahmin lawyers, their clerks and their clients who belong to the above fraternity of “patriots” were those that took chief part in the celebration.

It is amusing what reasons led this gang of “patriots” to have a great liking and veneration for Mr. Gandhi. They may be justified in celebrating the day, if they had either followed what Mr. Gandhi preached once, or if they follow at least now what he is preaching today. Without following him at any time, they have left him in the background, and are today celebrating his birthday. This is just like the attitude of the Brahmins towards Buddha. They branded him as an “atheist”, condemned his precepts and destroyed his religion root and branch from our country; and have written puranas that he is an avatar of Vishnu and hence should be worshipped.

Now, we challenge anyone who can point out any single Brahmin in the Tamilnad, who sincerely follows the teachings of Mr. Gandhi. For example, which of the Brahmins has decided to follow the advice of Mr. Gandhi that the marriageable age for girls and boys should be 18 and 24? Which of the Brahmins has attempted, is attempting or will attempt to destroy the curse or untouchability, without which Mr. Gandhi said, Swaraj is impossible? Which of the Brahmins has consented to allow all the “untouchables” into the temples as Mr. Gandhi desired? Which of the Brahmins listened to his advice that widows should be allowed to marry, and that those of the widows who remain unmarried must run away and get themselves married?

Further which of the Brahmins or the “patriots” cared to rectify Mr. Gandhi’s remarks, that the Congress is a “schoolboys’ play”, and full independence is a “sham”? Did anyone care to destroy the temples or close them at least, which Mr. Gandhi termed as the “dens of prostitutes”, and in which he said there are no gods? When Mr. Gandhi declined to accept the presidentship of the Lahore Congress saying that the Congress is not in a position to accept his mandates, whoever cared to come out of the Congress or adjust its principles according to his dictates? When Mr. Gandhi is still saying that Non-co-operation is the only means for Swaraj, which of the Brahmins has boycotted the Courts, Councils or Colleges? And yet they have come out to celebrate his birthday without the least sense of shame. A Greater humbug and hypocrisy, it is hard to imagine.

But in one way, these Brahmins are justified in celebrating his birthday. That is for Mr. Gandhi’s preaching of Varnashrama in the Tamilnad, for his propaganda of the Ramayana and Bhagavat Gita and for his liberal gift of lakhs of rupees in the name of Khaddar for the Brahmins to feed upon. It is a pity that our people forget that the hundreds of Jayantis, ceremonies, festivals, celebrations and Tirunakshatrams which are in vogue today, are only indicative of the Brahmin predominance and the ignominy of the Non-brahmins. We regret to point out the truth that the Gandhi-Jayanti is also included in the above list. That is why we call it a humbug.

(Revolt, 13 October 1929)

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