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For thousands of years, India’s wealth has been undermined by the incomers in the name of religion, god, festivals, caste, ceremonials, etc. And as a result, people have been plunged into the mire of ignorance and illiteracy. Similarly, in recent years, in the political arena, a section of the people are wasting our wealth and are acting as spies to foreigners and are playing havoc on the country in the name of Nationalism, Swaraj, Independence, etc. People are not able to realize this sort of sham.

S. Srinivasa IyengarFor in our country, however, educated a man is, his reasoning faculty is curbed by his religion and his powers of discrimination are arrested. Similarly, powers of discretion cease to function in respect of politics. Just as a set of people meet their selfish ends in the name of religion; there are also those that call themselves educated having similar interests in politics. This conclave of people has enshrouded humanity in ignorance which has ultimately brought the country to a calamitous condition. Since 40 or 50 years, the sham of politics has wrought countless wrongs to our country and kept the mass ever under its thumb without allowing it a single chance to raise its head. The selfishness of the educated class and the misguided blind belief resulting from the ignorance of the uneducated people keep us away from search after truth and justice.

Let us examine the present condition of politics in our country. Today in the political world there are two sets of people that are making much noise, viz the Congressmen and the Independents. What are their qualifications? Let us examine their “deeds” and “sacrifices” in the name of politics. On the Congress platform, they would declare that the “Satanic” British Government should be swept off at once. People would also applaud them. But their sons, brothers and relations would be earning Rs. 500, 1000, 2000 & 3000 a month as Munsiffs and Judges under the same Government. Their heroic declarations would but serve to strengthen the positions of their relations in the various professions and yet they will be masquerading in the name of the country.

The Secretary of the Congress, Mr. Rangasami Iyengar would roar, “We must obstruct the Government from functioning and beard the lion in its own den.” But his brother would crawl into the den of Government, bow low to the Britisher, lick at his feet and hold the banner of the Bureaucracy. Mr. S. Srinivasa Iyengar. To prove his ‘patriotism’ the Independent-wallah would ask others to do away with the British connection, but, every morning he would unconsciously find himself at the feet of the judges addressing the representatives of the “satanic” government as “Your Lordship, Your Honour” etc. and would coolly pocket a few thousands. His creed of independence would also help him in securing fresh appointments for his kith and kin.

And there are other political magnates who are said to be intoxicated with too much of patriotism. Messrs. Srinivasa Sastri, T. Rangachari, Mani Iyer, V. Krishnasami Iyer, C. P. Ramasami Iyer, C.Vijayaraghavachari are names to be conjured with. And surely their sons, nephews, brothers, brothers-in-law and other relations are reaping the fruits of these “patriotic” brains. Those that are unfit for Government services and those that are retired from service have come out as patriots, but their sons and relations are in the service of the “Satanic” Government.

After the advent of the Congress, i.e., since 30 to 40 years, the Brahmins have managed to enter into almost all branches of Government services. And so it is proof positive that national organization, the Congress has done nothing but the obtaining of 97% of the appointments to the Brahmins who are but 3% of the entire population.

Year after year resolutions are passed in the Congress demanding provincial autonomy and reforms in the machinery of Government. But the number of new appointments is increasing in geometrical progression resulting in the consequent increase in taxation. The Government are forced to throw loaves and fishes of office to these patriots and if they refuse to do this, there is a big agitation brought about in the name of the illiterate masses. The Government finds itself on a bed of roses day by day, by providing appointments for such agitators and their kith and kin. It is why Government also are helping the Congress. The Britishers are here to earn and to enjoy. And there are the Congressmen to secure comforts and conveniences for the Britishers.

A number of political parties have sprung up within the Congress itself, as Independence, Swarajya, Liberal, Home Rule etc. Each of them sing the same chorus of “amelioration of the distressed.” Create new appointments, new committees, and new delegate-ships to foreign Countries and the like. The ultimate result is a heavy taxation on the people and the consequential impoverishment of the nation. For example, today we find thrice the number of officers in each of the departments of Government service as that before the advent of the Congress. Has the population increased thrice after the Congress?

They ask people not to learn English since it is a foreign tongue. But they educate their children in English schools with the help of their earnings got from us by such fraudulent methods as festivals, ceremonials and other rites. And today we find the Brahmins who were fed in Chatrams (charity and rest houses – editors) employed as proprietors and those who studied under municipal lanterns occupying all places in Government services. And this is done again in the name of nationalism.

Before the advent of the Congress i.e., before the Government bribed the monopolist community with appointments, the revenue of our country was about 25 to 30 crores. As a result of the work of the Congress for these 40 years and more, 140 to 150 crores are being collected from us in the shape of taxes. The aggrieved party is not the Independence- wallahs who were once beggars (for that is the verdict of history) but we the agriculturists, traders and labourers. And the result is there is an increasing flow in the emigration of labourers to foreign countries. Yet nationalism is masquerading the land.

But when we press for communal representation, there is the cry from the so-called nationalists that it is an obstacle to national progress, and we are labelled as “unpatriotic”. Then, there is no longer the usual pressure for fresh appointments. We are styled as “Brahmin-haters” and the “nationalists” use this weapon as one of their election tactics when they came to the people with their fire-eating promises. This is again done in the name of patriotism.

The present ministers of our province are condemned, and especially Mr. S. Muthiah Mudaliar is decried as a “traitor.” Where does the truth lie? The Congress resolution ran that no support should be given to ministers and that diarchy should be broken to pieces. But soon after the last elections, was it not these Congress men that helped Dr. Subbaroyan in the formation of the ministry? And is it not an open secret that Messrs. Ranganadha Mudaliar and Arogyasami Mudaliar were chosen as ministers on their promise to play to the tunes of the Congressmen? Then Mr. Muthiah Mudaliar fought the Congress Members in the provincial and the All-India Congress Committees. But he was not only denied a chance to speak in the All-India Congress Committee, but the “nationalists” congratulated themselves on their achievement in forming a Ministry from other than the Justice Party.

Can anyone with Non-brahmin blood in his veins continue in the Congress any more? And so Mr. Mudaliar was obliged to resign his seat on the Congress Committee, form a separate party, accept a ministry and do what he can to the cause of the Non-brahmins. What the previous ministry for a period of 7 years was not able to achieve, Mr. Mudaliar achieved within a few months after the acceptance of his office (5). It is he that was responsible for doing the pioneer work in securing communal representation in the service. That is why the Brahmins denounce Mr. Mudaliar and also induce others to do the same. Wherever their interest is affected they appear in their masks of patriotism and stand before the masses, in the name of nationalism. Such a Congress we do not want; such a patriotism we do not require. Come what may, let us not be perturbed by such terms as “traitor to the Congressmen” and “traitor to the country”. In the coming elections, of course, the Brahmins would move heaven and earth to defeat Mr. Mudaliar. They would even employ agents to dupe the people. If it is a fact that they want to end diarchy, was it not the Congress Party that formed the ministry soon after the last elections? When we say this, we are traitors to the Congress!

Then comes the questions of the Simon Commission. During the last elections, the Congress Candidates promised to co-operate with the Simon Commission and canvassed votes only on that condition. But when they found that the Brahmins and their satellites had no place in it, they have raised the “Boycott” cry. If the members are sincere they should resign their seats in the Council and seek re-election on the boycott ticket. We hope the “Nationalists” would take up this challenge.

Written by Eaviyar

(From 'Revolt' weekly magazine, 27 March 1929)

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