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One who, seriously, takes a lot of lessons about democracy does not bother about the election system, which is said as the base for democracy suppresses the voice of common people. One who campaigns for voting for large political parties would not speak about the parties who were defeated by getting a very low percentage of votes. We may ideologically have thousands of criticism about each party. However, some people think that changes would happen in their life anyway if those parties come to the regime. Many small political parties have a vote bank of 3 to 4 percentage. It meant that people about 10 percentages are forced towards the idea of a change of the regime while summarizing the aforesaid details. 

Political flagHowever, what respect did the democracy of India give to the people? 


The candidate who got 100 votes is the winner. The candidate who got 99 votes is the runner.

What can it be the other rather than this absurd election system? 

How can it be the democracy of the majority people?

Are the people not citizens of this country who vote for the parties got 3 to 4 percentage votes? 

Is there no respect for their aspiration?

The winner is who got 100 votes, and the runner is who got 99 votes. It may only be suitable for gambling. However, it is a lament for one who is breathing hard even for 3 to 4 percentage votes in a country that is full of tremendous social inequalities. So democracy is the one that respects the above-mentioned issue, and democracy should not be the one that butters up the big political parties and which acts in favour of them. We could not make any change in this society definitely until there is a situation of democracy only in the control of big political parties. The reason for this absolute social destruction is the situation that the power of office could be attained by getting votes from the majority of people.

Small political parties have been defeated due to having the inability to face it when big political parties are winning by getting millions and millions of black money from the corporate and also buying the votes at the cost of money acquired from the act of corruption. This can only be annihilated by proposing a proportional representation approach in the election system. The countries like Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Israel, Ireland, and Moldova have been following this proportional representation approach.

In this approach, each political party gets the candidates as per the percentage of votes they got. In the last Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election, AIADMK got 41.06 per cent of the vote, DMK got 31.86 per cent of the vote, Congress got 6.47 per cent of the vote, PMK got 5.36 per cent of the vote, BJP got 2.86 per cent of the vote, DMDK got 2.41 per cent of the vote, and Naam Tamilar Party got 1.07 per cent of the vote. They got the assembly constituencies of AIADMK as 134, DMK as 89, and Congress as 8 respectively. If the election was conducted in the approach of proportional representation, they might have obtained the assembly constituencies like AIADMK as 96, DMK as 74, Congress as 15, PMK as 12, BJP as 7, DMDK as 6, and Naam Tamilar Party as 3. In addition to this, VCK and Communist parties might have obtained one assembly constituency.

When this kind of election system has been brought, the small political parties could have the chance of participation in the assembly of commons by diminishing the domination of the big political parties over the election. Democracy should not train the people to think under the dominance of a single party. It should give an opportunity for different opinions and ideologies.

People believe the small political parties just as the big political parties. The big political parties have not been doing for many years. So that some peculiar people support those who bring the alternate ideology and philosophy. The actual democracy is the one that respects the voice of people who seek change. Hence the corruption in the election system has been controlled tremendously. Moreover, there would be the situation of big political parties those scared of small political parties.

In the current election approach, there is the situation that one could win only if having the money and the caste strength. A change would be created definitely in the approach of proportional representation. There is no need to know by telling that the big political party would not support it in any way. However, the small political parties have to give voice in favour of it for sure. If they want to retain their existence in the field of politics, if they want to pronounce the voice of people they love, they must do this without fail. While the small political parties are executing the acts that have not fulfilled by the big political parties, they could grow up and also get a good reputation. One, whoever has come to the political field with the ideology for the people, could win definitely.  

Written by S. Gorky

Translated by M. Kurinjithen

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