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modi with mukesh ambaniThe central government of B.J.P fears timorously for criticisms that are presented against its rule. The central government of B.J.P are brutally expressing their repressions as Hitlerism that arrests activists, journalists, and Facebook bloggers by using their power.

For the foresaid reason, we can see that they misuse entire systems of investigation those are in their control. They have appointed R.S.S based persons and persons without morality to obey the law in the higher posts.

Hindutva terrorists attacked Dalit people who went to salute the Dalit people memorial, which is located in Bheemagorecon, belonging to the state of Maharastra. Brutal caste-based repressive laws had been enacted during the rule of Peshwa Brahmins in Bheemagorecon.

In that period, a memorial pillar had been raised there, in the memory of oppressed Dalit people in British force who defeated the Peshwa force by fighting with them. That is the brutal attack by Hindutva caste fanatics on the Dalit people who came for saluting the memorial pillar on the first day of January 2018.

Rather than arresting the Hindutva terrorists who attacked Dalit people, the state has arrested left ideologists and senior citizens who are human rights activists, in the name of the act of provoking a riot, and the arrested activities have been imprisoned for three years for only the reason of participating in a memorial function conducted in Bheemagorecon. The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act [UAPA], 1967, which is charged against the aforesaid activities, had been introduced by the British Officer McCauley in India. The UAPA act is presently abandoned by the British State in their country.

This is a law which is propounded to arrest activists and human right activists who all are fighting for rights of the people. That law resists from releasing of accused before the accomplishment of investigation without board investigation and also violates the right of getting bail before framing charge sheet up to three months, and then this law insists to investigate the accused for thirty days in the police custody. This law has been implemented for conserving Veda-Manu ideological Brahminism called Hindutva.

Anand Del Tumbe (who married the grand-daughter of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar), Gowtham Navlaka, Vernon Consolves, the poet Varavararav, and Stan Swami Bharathiyar have been arrested. Senior ideologists and activists, who are in serious illness, are suffering in prison.

People who support farmers in Delhi (who have been fighting for more than 70 days) have been branded as “Anti-Indians (National Enemies) in the Rule of B.J.P.

The murderers, who have killed (& gun fired) Tabolkar, Kalpurki, Govindh Bansare, and Gowri Langesh [who are the left ideologists and human rights activists], are roaming independently. The so-called patriotic B.J.P rule is not ready to expose and ban the aforesaid murderers and their organization as a terrorist organization and also as a national enemy even if the special investigation board corroborates that all murderers belong to the same terrorist organization called “Sanathan Sanstha”.

 The journalists like India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai, National Herald, senior journalist Mirulal Pandey, Jafar Sooka, who is the author of Guami Awas, Paresh Nath, who is the author of Caravan, and Vinoth K. Jose, who is the author member of Caravan, have been arrested for provoking a riot in the farmers’ protest on January 26. And they have been charged by imposing terrible sections like a national conspiracy, disturbing communal unrest, and disturbing religious beliefs.  

Next to left ideologists and human right activists, the Central government of B.J.P has started repressing social media.

The central government of B.J.P is branding the facebook bloggers (who updates status in the news feed of Facebook social media) as Anti-Indians (national enemies) who are tremendously challenging for Brahmins belonging to Manu Smriti due to independence in expressing the right of social media platform. World-famous pop singer Rihanna belonging to America, tweets in a single line as “why we did not talk about farmers’ protest” by supporting farmers. The so-called patriotic government of B.J.P is branding the aforesaid pop singer as the supporter of a terrorist organization named Khalistan. This is due to the shame and fear of that single line tweet that spreads the farmers’ protest around worldwide.

Greta Thunberg, who is 18 aged young human right activists and also environmental activists belonging to the country Sweden, regretted by seeing Delhi farmers’ protest. She designed a toolkit that gives entire news of protests in one gallery to the world.

The 21 aged student Disha belonging to Bangalore has been arrested and has been imprisoning for 5 days in Delhi High Court by charging as posting the news of farmers’ protest by using the aforesaid toolkit.

Indian media (which works for the ideology of Brahmins) those have no morality and honesty, where environmental activists and human right activists beyond the country have such morality and honesty of supporting and regretting regarding farmers’ protest Hindutva (Manu ideological terrorist) group and the media which has been buttering up that Hindutva group, must be embarrassed.

This is the group which demands the head of Shambuka, the thump of Ekalavya and self-immolation of Nanthanar just for saving their own religious Dharmas.

Twitter, which remains as the worldwide application to share information among social networking, is irritating the eyes of them (B.J.P government) now.

The central government of B.J.P intimidates Twitter for allowing the posts which are against the rule and insisting them to remove that kind of posts immediately from Twitter application. The Twitter company removed 250 posts by accepting the claim of the B.J.P government. Now it is not enough for the B.J.P government. B.J.P intimidates Twitter to remove the posts of social activists and political leaders who post against the B.J.P rule and intimidates as taking action against Twitter Company if refused to remove those posts. This claim is against the right to expression, which is provided by the Indian Constitution. Twitter takes a lecture for the Indian government that the claim cannot be acceptable because that is against the Indian constitution. We are asking whether there is any shame for the so-called patriotic noise of India other than this.

Comrades, namely Balan, Seenivasan, and Selvaraj belonging to the organization (called Thamizh Desa Makkal Munnani), have been arrested under the Act of UAPA without any fundamental causes. They have become Anti- Indians (national enemies) to pass a resolution in their organization during Tamilnadu Election propaganda planning about the repression and religious fanaticism of B.J.P rule. “National Investigation Agency which is in the direct control of Ministry of Home Affairs, cooked the story badly in this case”, this shocking news has also come out. N.I.A has imposed forged document by improperly hacking the computer of research scholar Rona Wilson who has been arrested in the case of Bheemagorecon, that forged document has been imposed to make the charge for preparation of conspiracy to kill Modi. An American forensics research institution, namely “Arsenal consulting”, has exposed this sham with proof. This is how B.J.P’s Hindutva patriot has been exposed among inter-nations.

The principle of ‘dharma is to destroy the people who deny Veda, and who opposes god, this is a justice of royal’, has been implemented again as it is.

“O! Indra! Soma! Fire the gaints! Fire! Crush them! Repress the monster gang who is growing exponentially as one, ten and a hundred in the dark forest! Annihilate them! Fire them in Agri suvala! Torture them! Cut them bit by bit!” - this is the 1004th mantra in the 8th chapter of Rig Veda.

Repression from the Veda sayings have modified into modern, and they have been operating still. The struggles must have been carried out with the aforesaid understanding.

Written in Tamil by Viduthalai Rajendran

Translated by M.Kurinjithen

(Couresy: 'Puratchi Periyar Muzhakkam' magazine, Feb 2021)

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