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National Martyr Heroes Day of Tamil EelamNovember 27 is the National Martyr Heroes’ Day of Tamil Eelam.

“Maveerar Naal” is a day to hail the sons and daughters of the Tamil Eelam soil who resurrected our the nation of Tamil Elam with their blood.  

A day to uphold the memory of our epic heroes who fought valiantly for the liberation of the land of Tamil Eelam cherishing the greatness of freedom at heart.

On this day, our people salute our great warriors who sculpted history by sacrificing their lives for the cause of national liberation interwoven with social liberation in the Homeland of Tamil Eelam. 

This is a day to remember our freedom fighters, who, by their valor and sacrifice, proclaimed to the whole world the thirst of the Eelam Tamil people for liberation and made the Eelam Tamils’ national problem a point to ponder over in the international order.

The dream of our martyr heroes was simply that the people of Tamil Eelam live peacefully and happily, with equality, security, dignity and social justice and without the threat of genocide. 

Our Martyr Heroes had the farsighted perception that for the realization of their dream, there was no way other than forming an independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam and fought under the command of National Leader Prabhakaran.

Our Heroes took to battle in order to defend our land and people against the occupation, and against genocide, and not in order to commit aggression or enslave others.  Our Martyr Heroes had recognized the Sinhala nation and its existence and demanded the Sinhala nation and the international community to recognize the nation of Tamils and its existence

The struggle that our Martyrs launched, as one which knitted together the objects of national liberation and social liberation, as one waged against genocide, and as one that resisted aggression --- this struggle stood in solidarity with the fighting peoples of the world.

Our martyrs can be morally seen by their valor and sacrifice to be standing guard against any aggressor seeking to gobble up land and people.

Our martyrs are protecting the Tamil people so that their minds can never be conquered by the Sinhalese occupiers of the Tamil Homeland.

ABEL joins the people in the homeland of Tamil Eelam, in Tamilnadu and all over the world in saluting our great Heroes on this the Martyr Heroes Day.

Let us on this Day of Martyr Heroes think deeply over how to realize the dreams of our Martyrs and how to give effect to their thoughts.

Our salute to the Heroes should have its political dimension. We have to deliberate on how to streamline our activities to strengthen the ideals for which they fought.

We are well aware that, as the Homeland of Tamil Eelam is under Sinhala occupation, nothing can be said nor done about the ideal of the Martyrs, namely Independent Sovereign Tamil Eelam. But, even there, it is quite possible to think as a nation, act as a nation, and resist Sinhala attempts to demolish the Tamil nation. What is needed is clarity on our cherished ideal, the fond dream of our great martyrs. 

We need an unflinching struggle to bridge the gap between our ideal of national liberation and social justice, on the one hand, and the immediate reality of reeling under alien occupation and oppression, on the other. We have to be confident about justice prevailing in the end.

Those who nurture the Martyrs’ dreams at heart would not neglect the ideals on the pretext of the immediately unfavorable subjective and objective factors. They would, on the contrary, bend reality towards the ideal and seek to close the gap between the ideal and the real. We should never go by the opportunistic advice of politics being an art of the possible. For us, politics should be the art of turning ‘impossible’ dreams into possible goals by mobilizing the masses by all means. After all, we have nothing to lose but the chains. As Leader Prabhakaran said, “forms of struggle may change, but the objective remains the same.”

In the Presidential election held last year Gotabaya Rajapakshe one of the main perpetrators of the crime of Tamil Genocide has triumphed with the help of votes of the Sinhala people. This is a clear demonstration of how Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism is deep-rooted in the Sinhala nation in the island of Sri Lanka.

We, with the moral strength of the world Tamils and in solidarity with those fighting for justice the world over, shall take forward, with still more vigor, the struggle for bringing to justice the genocide criminals, the Rajapakshes and others, before the International Criminal Court of Justice, and the State of Sri Lanka before the International Tribunal of the United Nations,   

The Sri Lankan state has drawn up a scheme of structural genocide in order to bring the Tamil people under Sinhala hegemony. This is a prioritized state policy in Sri Lanka. It is why whoever may govern Sri Lanka adopt Tamil genocide as a policy forcefully to be put in effect.

The Tamil genocide should in this context be understood to destroy all the means by which the Tamil people could exist as a nation, to reduce them into individuals and subjecting them to Sinhala hegemony.

The Tamil people cannot look for any mercy from the new rulers of Sri Lanka, nor for any support from the Indian rulers. The state of Sri Lanka under the Rajapakshe brothers is stepping up the pace of the gobbling up of the Tamil Homeland. They would seek to imprison the Tamil and the Muslim people under the idea of Sri Lanka being a land of one people. They would pack the Tamil Homeland with Sinhala settlements. They would seek to satisfy the international community by maintaining geopolitically interested relations with every state and carry on with their schemes.

Even though the new rulers are hobnobbing with China, they would not be neglecting states such as India and the United States. They would act in a way that allows for their making use of these three global powers, seeking to play between them and also all of them together. And this we Tamils can ignore only at our peril.

Against this background for the Tamil people to protect their nation with the help of any one of these powers is only an illusion. There is no alternative to sustained and dedicated democratic struggles. The Tamil people have reached a point where there is no existence without a struggle. We will have to swim the river of fire. The Tamil people of the Homeland, the diaspora Tamils, the people of Tamilnadu and the world Tamils have to act in unison and coordinate their strategies.

The Tamil people always should bear in mind that they are not alone in their struggle for justice as they stand in solidarity with the peoples all around the globe fighting for national and social liberation and progress.

Red Salute, Tamil Eelam National Martyr Heroes for blazing our trail!

- Thiagu

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