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ravana and rama“Truth sits upon the lips of dying men,” is the famous adage. The orthodoxy of our Province, which is drawing one of its last oaths, is giving out many truths. One such given out by one of our contemporaries, which writing on the Self respecters says:

“The Self-respecters, like the Rakshasas and Asuras of the Ramayana, try to set at naught all the time honoured customs and practices of the Asthika Hindus and would gain a victory as Ravana and his company had at the hands of Sri Rama.”

Apparently, the Brahmin is unconsciously vomiting his poison. We have time and again pointed out in these columns, how the Ithihasas were written by Brahmins, and how the historical fight between the Aryans and the Non Aryans have been developed into a long story with full of exaggerated personalities incidents and descriptions.

That is almost the verdict of all the historians that have written the history of India. It is not our purpose here to justify this opinion with reasons. For, it is idle to quarrel over the past recriminations. It is commonly accepted by all as an eminent Tamil Scholar remarks that “if the three stages of the British conquest are, merchant, missionary and monarch, the three stages of the Aryan predominance are, rishi, ritual and rupture.” We have to refer to this fact for the reason that the Brahmins have not yet left their habit of indulging in figurative descriptions and representations. However they may try to express philosophic interpretations of the puranas, the underlying fact unconsciously breaks out at times. It is a matter of no small surprise that in this era of advanced western civilization, an English journal launches upon the shameless remark that the Self-respecters are like the Rakshasa of old. The description of the Rakshasas as depicted in the Ithihasas and the puranas, is so fantastic and repulsive that any decent man will be led to hate them. Those attributes, we are given again by the very descendants of the Suras. Ravana and his people prevented the Aryans from performing bloody sacrifices in their land in defiance of the Brahminic outbursts. When they encountered strong opposition, there ensued fierce battles between them. If the Aryans wanted to establish their custom of drinking and sacrifices, the Non-Aryans also fought for the same. These incidents on different occasions by different persons, were afterwards manufactured into puranas and Ithihasas, whose authority was taught to be unquestionable.

That is what our contemporary means when it says that the Self- respecters are like the Asuras of the Ramayana. The charge that is hurled against us is that we try to set at naught all the time honored customs and practices of the Asthika Hindus. We are anxious to know what makes our Brahmin contemporary to be so anxious about the “Asthika Hindus,” Who are the Hindus? We ask. We give below some of the authoritative texts, both official and non-official. “A Hindu is a native Indian believer in Brahminism,” “One, esp. Aryan of N. India who professes Hinduism,” “One who follows any method of Brahminical rites, ceremonies or worship.”

Now, then whom does the journal refer to, as the “Asthika Hindus?” Is it not the Brahmins themselves? The Self-respecters are out to destroy Brahminism and has gone far in their destruction. If Brahminism means Hinduism, as it really is, then it will also be hurled down. If again Brahminism means “Asthigam” as our contemporary rightly observes, that will also receive the blow. Whether the self-respecters are called Rakshasas or ordinary men, whether the founder is called a Ravana, or an avatar, whether there is written another Ramayana or not, the Self-respecters, especially the younger generation of them are out to destroy Brahminism in all its aspects; and when once the blow is dealt, everything that is connected with it is bound to go. The country has reached the final stage when “atheism” can no longer frighten the people. Let not the Sanatanists play their game of mud slinging and double dealing.

- Revolt, June 30, 1929

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