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Kudankulam 650

PMANE's 500th Day Message/Petition!

December 27, 2012

Representative Citizens of India
c/o The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Idinthakarai 627 104
Tamil Nadu

H. E. The President of India
Rashtrapathi Bhavan
New Delhi 110 001

Dear Sir:
            Sub.: Requesting You to Dissolve the Parliament

Greetings! We, the following citizens of India, have just completed 500 days of our peaceful protest against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) near the southernmost tip of India. We have just obtained the outdated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report after 23 years of long and hard struggle. The Government of India and its Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) have not shared any basic information about the project with the local people. They do not give complete and truthful answers for our questions on the ‘daily routine emissions’ from these reactors, the amount and management of nuclear waste, fresh water needs, impact of the coolant water on our sea and seafood, decommissioning costs and effects, Russian liability and so forth. We are deeply disturbed by all this.

Although our people have been struggling peacefully and nonviolently and democratically for 500 days, the Central government and the State government have not given our struggle its due importance or serious consideration to our demands. Instead they persist with their plan of commissioning the project at any cost just to please their Russian, American and French masters. The Indian government gives more importance to the foreign countries’ and their MNCs’ interests and profits than the interests and demands of its own citizens. To give another equally bad example, the UPA government has not opened dialogue with the protesters and women activists over the gang-rape of a 23-year-old victim in New Delhi even after so much turbulence all over the country.

This is mainly because most of our Indian politicians are working for their own self-aggrandizement and their respective party bosses’ motives and profits. The way most of the Indian MPs compromised our national interests in the recent FDI issue is too obvious to describe. More importantly, the UPA government works to promote the interests of their foreign masters and their MNCs. They abuse the Indian State machinery for that purpose. The fact that the Samajwadi Party chief has accused the UPA government of abusing the CBI to influence his party’s decision on FDI in retail and the jobs quota bill is a clear proof for this claim. It is also pertinent to note here how the UPA-1 government passed the India-US nuclear deal in our Parliament with such shameful and underhanded means and methods.

When all is said and done, Sir, most of the Indian citizens have lost all our trust and confidence in the present UPA-2 government and in most of the Members of Parliament belonging to all political parties. If we do not put an immediate stop to this steady erosion of public decency, trust, transparency, accountability and democratic norms and values in our national governance, our youth will lose their hope and faith in our system and may turn to violence and mayhem. And the very sovereignty, national integrity and the future of our country may be seriously compromised.

So we, the undersigned representative citizens of India, would very much like you to dissolve the Parliament and call for a fresh round of national elections immediately to reassert our freedom, democracy and national integrity.

Looking forward to your immediate action, we send you our best regards and all peaceful wishes,


S. P. Udayakumar
M. Pushparayan
Mi.Pa. Jesuraj
R. S. Mukilan
Peter Milton
Anthony Kebiston

(Photo courtesy: Hindustan Times)

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