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In Orissa, on 22nd of January in the year 1999, a gang, which is led by Thara Singh, who is a Hindutva terrorist belonging to Bajrang Dal (which is the youth wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad), burned alive and murdered Christian father Graham stains, along with his two sons Philip, and Timothy, who came for religious propaganda from Australia.

Fifty-nine people, along with thirty-three Islamists (Muslims), were burned alive by Hindutva terrorists, in Godhra district of the state of Gujarat, last February 27, 2002.

The next day, 28th February of 2002, in the residence of Gulberg society, Hindutva terrorists had burned down 18 houses completely, and they stabbed and cut into pieces Ishan Jaffrey, Former Member of Parliament belonging to Congress Party and they burned alive him with 35 others.

Though burning alive has happened throughout history, we are living in the period when burning alive has turned into institutionalized.

The reason behind this act of burning alive is not only sectarianism but also slave attitude along with sectarianism (religious fanaticism). This is the strategy of the ruling class.

That is what, demolition of the mosque with digging bar, tearing the stomach of a pregnant woman with a trident, and burning alive people belonging to the minority religions namely Christian and Islam by pouring petrol, is happened.

The same strategy is caused the state to be a slave for corporate who exploits the entire country.

masinagudi elephantBy annihilating people (internal forces), who are the challenge for the existence of the ruling class, is the only reason behind the act of burning alive. Religion, caste and race had been just taken as a supporting cause for annihilation. Apart from burning alive human beings for corporate (exploit) by ruling class, it is now evolved as burning all others for corporate exploitation. That is the projection of burning alive of an elephant in the place of Masinakudi.

Masinakudi, which is located near Mudhumalai Sanctuary, is a tremendously big biodiversity forest, where birds, butterflies, elephants and leopards are living.

At present, Masinakudi has been surrounded by resorts and grand restaurants, the path of elephants migration was occupied, and that has been open for corporate exploitation. Masinakudi has been turned into an entertaining place for rich.

Madras high court, on 12th July of 2011, had ordered to close and to seal resorts and restaurants, which were built by blocking the migratory route of elephants as well as being a threat for wild lives. But, resorts and restaurants are continuously running of disrespecting court order, with the influence of the ruling party, and the coalition of bureaucracy.

Following this, the Supreme Court issued an order to demolish occupying buildings (resorts and restaurants) by inquiring petitions.

Thirty-four resort owners appealed to Supreme Court for setting aside the order to demolish the buildings, by saying, their resorts were not built across the migratory route of the elephant.

The state has not taken any action, because the state has no care about wild lives, being haunted and extinct. And also support and money of corporate is needed for the state.

At this moment, regarding the aforesaid case, the police arrested Raymond and Prashanth who are belonging to Mawanella area in Nilgiris, and the police had charged them under the wildlife protection act.

In this, Raymond and his brother in disguise, have been earning by using their Bungalow (some sort of resort) as accommodation for tourists without getting permission.

The elephant has been murdered brutally by them, through putting the fired tire on it, by knowing clearly, that their business would be affected if it is corroborated as the building which is built on the migratory route of the elephant.

They have done boldly on believing that no issues would be surely raised by murdering the elephant with fire. Politicians and the ruling class are only behind this blind courage.

On one side, endangered species and wild lives have been deliberately destroyed where on the other side; mountain and the forest have been destroyed for great corporate exploitation.

The forests have been transformed to a paradise of money for corporate as bit by bit, for corporate exploitation like ecological exploration, through chasing away tribes (scheduled tribes), who conserve wild lives.

The forest can be plundered by corporate Swamiji (saint) through destructing migratory route of elephants, because of being, agent to transform ruling class's black money and to do the silly act of inciting fanaticism (sectarianism) in the name of spiritualism.

Meats of wild animals have been sold throughout Tamilnadu, on haunting them normally in the Western Ghats. It has been occurring on the support of forest department and politicians. Human thinks that all other living things live just for humans by considering himself as the centre of the globe (earth). But the earth is for all living beings.

The human would excavate his mortuary himself, to break every cell of food chain bit by bit.

Society suffers in grief and remains in disability on seeing a video of fired elephant, while the society was indifferent and unnoticed the occurrence of burning alive humans in the name of religion.

The pain of grief is the same for both human and elephant while burning them alive. Human has been burning alive, where religion is using a weapon to resist militancy of the proletariat, which is against all form of exploitation.

Wild animals have been burning alive for being a challenge to exploit forest and mountain.

Written by S.Gorky

Translated by M. Kurinjithen

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